пятница, 28 декабря 2007 г.

Hosh/Gruber & Nurnberg/Stimming/Solomun - Four Seasons EP

very authentic clear sound!
must have! must hear!
only pleasure within...
all 4 tracks are created to be easylistened
and easymixed!

Four Seasons EP
Diynamic Germany
10 December, 2007

1. Hosh - "Drums Of Spring"
2. Gruber & Nurnberg - "Floating Clouds In Summer"
1. Stimming - "100 Words In Autumn"
2. Solomun - "Second Kiss In Winter"

воскресенье, 23 декабря 2007 г.

Error Error - Back To Lythion

Artist: Error Error
Title:  Back To Lythion
Label: Sweat Lodge Music
Release date: Oct 2007
Length: 27:04 min

1. Back To Lythion (Chaim Remix)
2. Back To Lythion
3. Back To Lythion (Patrick Zigon Remix)
4. Back To Lythion (Ryan Web Remix)

The Hacker And Eric Borgo - Zone (TSUBA017)

1. The Hacker & Eric Borgo - Zone
2. The Hacker & Eric Borgo  - Zone (Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris Remix)

need words... think no...

суббота, 22 декабря 2007 г.

Damian Schwartz - Quimica Afluencia

.chemical inflow...
need to explain? http:\\mupa.biz

Label: Múpa
Country: Germany
Released: 12 Dec 2007
written by Damián Schwartz

A 1568 Drexel AV
B 2020

sure to be in my next mix...

понедельник, 17 декабря 2007 г.

Friendly People - Music Is Improper Remixes

Friendly People
-Improper Remixes

1 Music Is Improper (Damian Schwartz Improper Rmx) 09:51
2 Music Is Improper (Martin Buttrich Improper Rmx) 08:22

Get Yourself EP

Elektrochemie - Get Yourself EP
Label: Get Physical Music
Released:12 Dec 2007

A1 Faking
A2 No. 19
B1 Get Yourself
B2 My Home

пятница, 14 декабря 2007 г.

hunted circle

recently found four interesting tracks.
check them allready in my small mix
called "hunted circle"

1. Hunted - Martin Buttrich
2. Mad At Me - Tiger Stripes
3. I Need My Mom - Mihalis Safras
4. Traffic Circle - Marco Resmann

sntxmix - "hunted circle"

all mixes you can download from sntxtech.4shared.com

четверг, 6 декабря 2007 г.

valery.sntx - " void / null " set

was too busy this weekend...
watch what's new!

"void/null" - dj set

1 Stimming - Funkworm
2 Samim - Blackdeath
3 john tejada & cabanne - timebomb
4 Tiger Stripes - Nacht
5 Marascia & Dusty Kid - Attre
6 Sascha Barth - Das Dritte Auge
7 Kaliber - Kaliber 16 A1
8 Extrawelt - Soopertrack
9 Dusty Kid - Luna
10 Sennh - I Am With You
11 Gaiser - Half Life (Minus) - Original Mix
12 Adultnapper - Tewa (Original)
13 Stimming - Getting Out Of Something
14 Monika Kruse & Gregor Tresher - Brainaqua

download mp3 set by valery.sntx - "void / null"

.december cuts

simply the best release on www.uponyou-records.de

from their site:
"Traffic Circle" is a 360 degree painting of Catalunya that draws the summer aroma in the passionate colours of house...

it seems that they are very proud of :

Marco Resmann
Traffic Circle
Upon You
ReleaseDate 26-11-2007

don't miss! check their web now!

A - Marco Resmann - Trafic Circle (Original Mix) (08:45)
B - Marco Resmann - Candle Dipper (Original Mix) (09:03)

пятница, 23 ноября 2007 г.


File1=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\the_end_november_2007_mixed_by_james_lauer.mp3
Title1=the end november 2007 mixed by james lauer
File2=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Extrawelt - Soopertrack Zu Fuss\Extrawelt - Soopertrack.mp3
Title2=Extrawelt - Soopertrack
File3=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Stimming - Funkworm [DIYNAMIC008] [2007]\a1-stimming_-_funkworm-tr.mp3
Title3=Stimming - Funkworm
File4=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\a1-adultnapper-tewa_(original).mp3
Title4=Adultnapper - Tewa (Original)
File5=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Sunchase_-_Volume_11-(SFAX011)-Promo_Vinyl-2007-HQEM\03-sunchase-b2_caliber-hqem.mp3

Title5=Sunchase - Caliber
File6=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life.mp3
Title6=Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life
File7=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Stimming - Funkworm [DIYNAMIC008] [2007]\b1-stimming_-_getting_out_of_something-tr.mp3
Title7=Stimming - Getting Out Of Something
File8=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Misc-Sinus_Hotel_EP-(SENDER071)-WEB-2007-CBR\01-misc-fassade_noir.mp3
Title8=Misc - Fassade Noir
File9=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Habersham - Dryspell.mp3
Title9=Habersham - Dryspell
File10=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Experience_Hour_2007-02-21_-_Deeroy_30th_Birthday_Mix_@_RadioZone.mp3
Title10=Experience Hour 2007 - Deeroy 30th Birthday Mix @ RadioZone
File11=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\James_Lauer_Live_in_Chicago_October_2007.mp3
Title11=James Lauer Live in Chicago October 2007
File12=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Rekorder_-_Rekorder_10-(REK010)-Vinyl-2007-NBD\b2-rekorder_-_rekorder_10.3-nbd.mp3
Title12=Rekorder - Rekorder 10.3
File13=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Extrawelt - Soopertrack Zu Fuss\Extrawelt - Zu Fuss.mp3
Title13=Extrawelt - Zu Fuss
File14=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Dusty Kid - Pluk__Luna-[B Pitch Control]-2007\02-Dusty Kid - Luna.mp3
Title14=Dusty Kid - Luna
File15=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\02-monika_kruse_and_gregor_tresher-brainaqua.mp3
Title15=Monika Kruse & Gregor Tresher - Brainaqua
File16=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Stimming - Funkworm [DIYNAMIC008] [2007]\a2-stimming_-_liberaos-tr.mp3
Title16=Stimming - Liberaos
File17=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Sunchase_-_Volume_11-(SFAX011)-Promo_Vinyl-2007-HQEM\01-sunchase-a1_barbeedoll-hqem.mp3
Title17=Sunchase - Barbeedoll
File18=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Sunchase_-_Volume_11-(SFAX011)-Promo_Vinyl-2007-HQEM\02-sunchase-b1_whom-hqem.mp3
Title18=Sunchase - Whom
File19=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Rekorder_-_Rekorder_10-(REK010)-Vinyl-2007-NBD\a1-rekorder_-_rekorder_10.1-nbd.mp3
Title19=Rekorder - Rekorder 10.1
File20=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Rekorder_-_Rekorder_10-(REK010)-Vinyl-2007-NBD\b1-rekorder_-_rekorder_10.2-nbd.mp3
Title20=Rekorder - Rekorder 10.2
File21=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Jeff Samuel - the cave.mp3
Title21=Jeff Samuel - The Cave
File22=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Misc-Sinus_Hotel_EP-(SENDER071)-WEB-2007-CBR\02-misc-staroulette.mp3
Title22=Misc - Staroulette
File23=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Misc-Sinus_Hotel_EP-(SENDER071)-WEB-2007-CBR\03-misc-frank_around_the_corner.mp3
Title23=Misc - Frank Around The Corner
File24=\Documents and Settings\SS\\sntx\Misc-Sinus_Hotel_EP-(SENDER071)-WEB-2007-CBR\04-misc-dance_your_name.mp3
Title24=Misc - Dance Your Name

the conditions in 6053354 existed in our database!!!

two peeople meet.
.more to come...

One DBA started decoding the trace files from the deadlocks informing the developers of which ? ...

as usual: http://jeffnolan.com/wp/2007/02/27/vista-office-and-outlook-2007-are-a-nightmare/
need read?

вторник, 30 октября 2007 г.

.november chart

stimming - getting out of something (DIYNAMIC 008)
samim - blackdeath (Flow) / get physical
underworld - crocodile (oliver_huntemann_remix)
tiger stripes - mad at me / physical
sven brede - voda (croatische begegnungen vinyl)
reggy van oers - cytric (metza)
minilogue - ghost (original mix) / Ghost EP
mihalis safras - cook n garden (I Need My Mom)
collins - depalma / Meerestief Records
pan-pot - charly (anja schneider tex mex mix)

пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

sntxtech mix of .oktober beatport promo tracks

tracklisting is in my first post. feel free to share such good musique among all minimal fans! more to come... enjoy it freely: "valery.sntx - inherited" (29.09.2007) trackmix.
(consist's of four rar parts - you know whatto do ;)

stimming diynamic008

Stimming stood for 'self stimulatory behaviours'.
Stimming.com Web Hosting Experience
Stimming is repetitive stereotypic behavior.
Stimming is common in autism and is also found in other developmental disabilities.
Perhaps stimming fulfills many of the same functions, to “stimulate production of endorphins, relieving stress and boosting the immune system”?

i know exactly that stimming is good for listening!

Gui Boratto / SCSI-9 - Speicher 55

what is minimal?-i've asked, 
GUI BORATTO!-he said...

Released: Sep 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House
A. Gui Boratto - Matryoshka
(d'nload and drag .gif into winamp pl)


Oxia producer's official web site

beleive me they know what is minimal is
their chart:
TSUBA RECORDS 10 Eric Borgo vs OXIA " Another Man " (+ Daniel Stefanik remix) – March 2007 -
Butch - On The Line (Oxia Dub) -

вторник, 2 октября 2007 г.

Jon Gaiser - minimal/techhouse producer

current release:
Gaiser - Eye Contact (digital Preview)

Eye Contact
Minus ( M54 )


Catalogue No.: M54
Label: MINUS
Format: 2x12”, MP3, WAV

Digital Release Date: OCTOBER 19, 2007
Vinyl Release Date: OCTOBER 12, 2007

Track Listing:
A1 - Eye Contact
B1 - Chlorine
B2 - Sightblotch
C1 - Wet Contents
D1 - Out of Sort
D2 - Withdrawal

Digital Bonus Track: Apology

minimal tech house producer Jon Gaiser

понедельник, 1 октября 2007 г.

.oktober beatport promo tracks mix
tracks are downloable directly from beatport.com


robert babicz - humble (systematic)
underworld - crocodile
plasmik - pearls on a string
chaim - cosa nostra (suplemental facts)

claude vonstroke - who's afraid of detroit (3 chanel's rmx)
ellen allien - your body is my body (bpich)
patrick chardronnet - eve by day (connaisseur recordings)
underworld - crocodile (oliver huntemann rmx)
acquaviva and luetzenkirchen - hurt me